Alba Rodriguez

Hello Word by Hannah Fry

This book was in the list of additional readings recommended to me and my colleagues in the Web Development course I took at Tech Returners. I was hesitant in the beginning because I thought it would be very technical and I wasn't quite there back then. After reading the reviews, I bought it and I loved it!

Hannah Fry is a mathematician and broadcaster who uses mathematical models to study patterns in human behaviour. She has worked with governments, police forces, health analysts...

Hello World is an interesting, amusing and 100% straightforward read that will help you understand what an algorithm is, how it works and the different types of algorithms we can find.

This is not a technical book but it's quite eye-opening when it comes to describing how algorithms play an increasingly important role in our lives and the ethical and moral implications of using them in certain areas.

Hannah uses multiple examples in the fields of justice, crime, art and medicine to analyse the pros and cons of using algorithms for decision making, highlighting the consequences of poorly designed algorithms and biased human-made decisions.

If this is your first approach to algorithms, then this is a must for you because it's an easy and engaging read, it's fun and it will help you get a clear understanding on algorithms.

I couldn't put it down. I like Hannah's style and the book is full of fun anecdotes. Hannah managed to make a complex subject completely accessible to everyone who's interested to learn about algorithms.

My favourite part of the book is when Hannah comes to the realisation that sometimes we rely blindly on computers and how this can get us into trouble. Neither human beings nor computers are perfect. We need to find the right balance, and we should never underestimate our own judgment.

Alba Rodríguez 2021